I'ANCO H&C Class Mill Chain

I'ANCO cast alloy H&C Class Mill and Drag Chain including information for 124, 132 and HD480 chains.

I'ANCO Cast Square Long Link Chain - UPDATED

I'ANCO updated Long Link Chain brochure to provide all the information required to consider long link chain for log haul and waste conveyor applications.
Information regarding cast manganese and cast alloy square profile Long Link Chains are now located on one page for direct comparison. Severe application Series 300 cast integral box style flights, dual tang Series 400 flights, sprockets and drum assemblies are discussed for various material handling requirements.
Also I'ANCO's new cast alloy loose tooth sprockets for long link applications, are introduced in this brochure.

I'ANCO Cast Manganese & Alloy Sprocket

I'ANCO cast manganese and alloy long link Sprockets and single groove Drums for waste and log haul conveyor systems.

Includes cast replaceable sprocket rims for mill and drag chains.

I'ANCO Drop Forged Drag Chain

I'ANCO drop forged conveyor chain systems for ash, cement and other bulk material handling requirements.

Detailed information regarding 142mm and 260mm conveyor chain, flights, pins and sprockets for complete component review.

I'ANCO Innovator Sprockets (English)

'The Ultimate Sprocket System'.

I'ANCO Innovator Sprockets designed for 81X, H78, H82 and C131 conveyor chain are detailed with available tooth and bore sizes.

An adjustable, replaceable alloy sprocket rim provides flexibility when combined with the split hubs.

I'ANCO Pignon Innovateur (French)

"Le Système de Pignon Ultime".

Les pignons innovateurs I'ANCO sont concus pour les chaines 81X, H78 et H82, C131, détaillés avec les dents et moyeux disponibles.

Un pignon ajustable et remplacable en alliage d'acier procure de la flexibilitée en combinaison avec les moyeux fendus.

I'ANCO Barker Feed Chain

I'ANCO cast austenitic manganese and alloy Barker Feed Chains for Nicholson, Brunette and Salem style log de-barker systems.

I'ANCO High Speed Chain

I'ANCO High Speed Chain brochure including information for precision Sharp Top Chain, Scanner Chain and cast alloy Mill Chain, all in high speed applications.